Adding Custom Contract Fields

This article shows you how to add custom fields to the Contract Details page.

The default fields on the Contract Details page provide a snapshot of the contract's key dates, value, and company information. You can add custom fields that display data sets more directly related to your business.

  • The changes you make to the Custom Fields page appear on all contract pages.

Opening the custom fields dashboard

1. Click the User name on the top menu and select Custom Fields on the drop-down menu.

2. Click Create Custom Fields (if this is the first time to access this page).

3. Click the new custom field button.

  • Contract Hound adds a new row.

Defining fields

The next step is to define fields.

  1. Enter a field label. This title is visible on the Contract Details page.
  2. Enter a description. This displays in the edit panel when the field is empty.
  3. Click the text button and select a field type on the drop-down menu.
  4. Check the box to make the field required (optional). The default setting is not required.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat steps to add new custom fields.

Field types

Select a type to format the information in the field. There are three options.

Select Text for fields that contain a single word or phrase.

Select Multiline for fields that contain sentences or paragraphs.

Select Checkbox to display yes-no information.

  • On the Contract Details edit panel, the description field displays a box.

  • On the Contract Details edit page, the description field displays yes or no.

Deleting a custom field

1. To delete a custom field, click the edit button.

2. Click remove.

  • Deleting a custom field changes the information you display on every Contract Details page. You cannot restore a deleted field.

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