Uploading a contract

In this article, you learn how to upload a contract to Contract Hound. You also learn how to set user roles.

Uploading contracts from the dashboard

1. Go to the left menu and click the plus sign (+) next to Contracts.

2. Select an upload option on the Add Contracts page.

  • Use the drag and drop tool to upload documents from your computer.

  • Click the Choose Files button to open the file manager and browse your device.

3. Repeat steps to add more contracts.

  • You can upload up to five contacts at one time.

4. After you select the contract, click Next.

Granting permissions

After you upload a new contract, access is private by default. That means only the owner can access the contract.

While you upload a contract, you can add team members and define user roles.

  • You can add or modify team members and user roles later.

1. Enter a team member's email address in the field and then hit Enter.

2. Click the arrow below the email address and select a user role.

  • Select Editor or View Only.
  • To learn more about user roles, click here.

3. Click Finish.

  • The Browse Contracts page opens and lists all your contracts.

4. Click the Add Contracts button to upload another document.

5. Click the X icon to close the page and return to the dashboard.

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