Creating Reminders

This article shows you how to create reminders.

A reminder is an important contract management tool that you can use to confirm key contract dates, schedule future phone calls, set meetings, and create a timetable for decisions. Reminders help you avoid missed deadlines and last-minute contract negotiation scrambles.

Contract Hound's reminder tool works like a Google calendar, except it's better.

You select a date and enter a notification message. When that date arrives, Contract Hound sends you an email notification. Because it's on the Contract Hound platform, our reminder tool is easy to update, and you don't need to waste time cross-checking with third party notification apps.

  • Note: read Contract Hound dates as day-month-year.

Sample email reminder

The email message contains a notification message and a link to the Contract Details page.

Locating reminders

You can find color-coded reminders on the Contract Details page.

  • Red shows reminders for dates within the next five days.
  • Orange shows reminders for dates within the next 21 days.
  • Grey shows all other reminders - past and future.

Creating a notification

1. Go to the dashboard and select a contract.

  • If you have many contracts, click the View All link and select a contract from the list.

2. Click Add a Reminder.

Adding the notification

On the New Reminder page, enter three sets of information.

  • After you enter the information, click Save Reminder.

1. All team members

Select the contract team members to receive this reminder.

  • By default, Contract Hound highlights all team members associated with the contract.

Click one or more team members to prevent them from receiving the reminder.

  • Team member names that you remove no longer display a highlight around their email address box.

  • Click the all or none buttons to save time if you have many team members.

2. Date

Click the date on the reminder and set the date to receive the email notification.

  • Select a day, month, and year on the popup calendar.

3. Message

Click the field and enter a short message that describes key information like roles and tasks.

  • New notifications display below the Reminders heading on the Contract Details page.

Editing a reminder

1. On the Contract Details page, click Edit to open the edit panel.

2. Locate the reminder you want to change and click the pencil icon.

  • You can edit reminders with past due dates.

3. Change any part of the notification and click Save Reminder.

4. Click Done Editing to close the edit panel.

Deleting a reminder

Click the X icon to remove a reminder from the contract.

  • Caution: there is no confirmation box or undo function.

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