Inviting Team Members

This article shows you how to invite a team member to create an account. When team members have an account, you can give them a user role, grant access to a contract, and ask them to approve contracts.

In a previous article, you learned how to invite new team members while you upload a new contract. That article shows you how to complete two tasks at the same time: upload a contract and invite team members.

In this article, you learn a different approach. You invite people to create accounts now because you expect to add them to a contract at a later date.

Sending an invitation

1. On the dashboard, click your User name on the top menu and select User Management in the drop-down menu.

2. On the User Management page, enter the team member's email address in the field and then click Add User.

  • That person has a Pending status. Contract Hound removes the Pending status after the person creates an account.

About user roles

When you invite someone to create an account, you cannot immediately give that person a user role. Assign a user role after you add that team member to a contract.

Account activation

Contract Hound sends the person an email. The first step is to confirm the email address.

To create a new account, the person should:

1. Open the message and click Confirm Email.

2. On the Account Invite page, create a password and click Create Account.

  • After the person creates an account, the user dashboard displays.

  • To personalize the User page, the new team member clicks User on the top menu and selects Settings on the drop-down menu.

  • On the My Settings page, the user can add profile information, including a name and new password.

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