Adding Users to a Contract

This article shows you how to add users to an existing contract.

When you add a team member to a contract, they become a user. They have a user role and can access the document. They can also receive reminders and participate in a workflow.

There are two ways to add users to a contract:

  1. Add users to an existing contract.
  2. Add users when you upload a new contract.

This article describes the first method. To learn how to add users when you upload a new contract, see:

Adding users to an existing contract

1. Go to the dashboard and select a contract.

  • If you have many contracts, click the View All link and select a contract from the list.

2. Scroll down to Users Who Have Access and click the (+) icon.

3. Enter a team member's email address in the field and hit Enter on the keyboard.

  • Contract Hound adds the new team member to the list with the default View Only user role.

Assigning a user role

1. Click the link below the email address and set the user role for this contract.

  • Select Editor or View Only.

User access

  • If the new user is a team member (i.e. they already have an account), they can access the contract right now.
  • If the new user does not have an account, Contract Hound sets their status as Pending and sends them an email message with an invite to create an account.

The image below shows how user access is different. The owner adds two users to the contract.

  • Gerry has a Contract Hound account. This person has instant access.
  • Betty does not -- at this moment -- have an account. Contract Hound sends her an invite. Contract Hound removes the Pending status after Betty creates an account.

Verifying users

If you are not sure a person is a team member:

1. Click your User name in the top menu and select User Management on the drop-down menu.

2. If the list is long, enter a term search field to locate a specific team member.

Removing users

When you remove a user from a contract, you remove permission to access.

  • This step does not delete a user from your Contract Hound account.

1. On the Contract Details page, click the user you want to remove.

2. On the User profile page, locate the contract you want to change, click the user role button, and then select Remove Access on the drop-down menu.

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